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Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells, and tea.

October 30, 2011

Liam Fox. Yoga. All inclusive beach holidays. Buddhism. Because buddhism is never violent, right? Being from Sri-Lanka is living the life of cliches. Everyone has been there on holiday. Everyone’s been touched by the spirituality and beauty of the place. Such a shame about the war, and, later, the tsunami . All these things that spoiled a paradise island. Yes, sorry, sorry, for existing, for wanting all the things you take for granted. Waking up. Eating, going to school. Coming home and going to bed.

But never mind that. Liam Fox? He’s a medical doctor. In Sri-Lanka that makes him a demi-god. And he was a senior politician. Defense secretary, charged with making war. No wonder the Sri-Lankan government loved him. A charming, well connected man,with a trusted lieutenant, coming to this war-ravaged, internationally-shunned country and offering balm, acceptance, sympathy.

He resigned, because no one in Britain believed his explanations and stories. But you know what? The Sri-Lankan government, the one that hosted him, welcomed him and feted his arrival? Well, that’s still there. Because Britain is one kind of country, made up of tea, rain,democracy and disguted of Tunbridge Wells. Sri-Lanka has the tea and the rain. God I wish it had the rest.


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