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Dream worlds

September 30, 2011

It’s Friday night and the heat in London feels tropical. With the hot sun, the autumn colours and the early darknes, I could be anywhere and no where in the world.

I’m missing my cousin’s engagement party on one side of the world, my almost-nephew’s second birthday on the other. This is the good and bad of exile. A single thing – a war, a famine, a disastrous economy blows a family apart.  We live in these separate spheres, suspended in space, watching each other’s lives unfold through glass. We think, for a long time, that this separation and suspension is illusion, that the only reality is the moments we gain when air travel and telephone cables bring about a connection.

But the years pass, the war doesn’t end, the famine continues and inflation soars and our lives continue to unfold in these bubbles. Soon, we realise, these bubbles are our reality. The skyped, emailed, jet lagged connections are in fact the illusions, the dreams that sustain but do not replace our waking lives.


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  1. I just worry about the hearts of little one’s I met last year and planing to see this year.
    Even though it breaks my heart, I have decided to revisit SL with my Mom. I know I will certainly cry again, holding the trembling little hands. But I must, show there is love.

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