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Some nice things

July 4, 2011

Can I just remember a few nice things, without any complications? I’m tired and want to reminisce.

Jaffna lived on the edge of a peninsula, surrounded by tropical seas. It was amazingly green – watered by complex underground water reserves and irrigation canals. Subash ice-cream parlour in the centre of town sold grainy tooth-grindingly sweet ice-cream that I would lick furiously, numbing my tongue before it melted over my fingers. I think I used to choose strawberry flavour, just because I liked the pale pink hue.

The main temple, with its red and white candy striped walls and vast low, square halls filled with deities was a market at festival time. I used to choose cheap dangling earrings.  I still prefer fake, flashy jewellery to discrete or subtle gems.

The evenings were out of this world. Since I started earning my own money I’ve spent thousands of pounds on holidays. I’m always hoping  to recreate how I used to feel at sunset, when the heat mellowed into a gently warmth, spiced with scents of curry and flowers, the world growing quiet but not silent. I sometimes catch a moment, where I can breathe in and pretend I’m back in Jaffna. Usually, I return, annoyed that I’ve wasted yet more money chasing a shadow.



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